$30 from May 15 thru July 15

$35 from July 16 thru August 15

$40 from August 16 to event date

Team (5 people)

$125 from May 15 thru July 15

$150 from July 16 thru August 15

$175 from August 16 to event date

Early registration is encouraged as the event is capped at 1,100 participants. Assigned heat times will be emailed to you.


Online Registration

We encourage people to use the online registration feature for our event.  It will allow you to use your credit card and it will give you a much better chance of getting the heat time that you would like to have.

*There is an additional fee for using the online registration option.

Team (Only) Waiver Form

Due to an issue with Online Team Registrations, we will need those participants who are registering online as a member of a team to bring with them on the day of the race a signed (legal guardian) waiver form. The waiver form can be downloaded by clicking on the button below.

Mail In Registration

Registration forms are available online and will be available in the main offices of all schools in Branch County as well as the CHC Tele-Clinic sites in some of our schools. These may be mailed in along with the signed waiver form along with your payment to:

ABC Challenge

Coldwater High School

275 N. Fremont St.

Coldwater, MI 49036