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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a refund policy?

We will work with you to either provide a refund or voucher for the following year if circumstances warrant it. 


Is there a time limit?
No way! We want you to finish the course in a time that is safe and comfortable for you.


How hard is the course?
The ABC Challenge is just that ... a challenge. But it is also constructed to be safe for all ages and skill levels. You might find some obstacles challenging and others a piece of cake.


Can I run the course with my kids?
Absolutely! In fact, parents of our younger participants who would like to participate can run the course for FREE.


What if I get hurt?
Our course is designed with safety as the number one priority. However, in the event an injury occurs, there will be a medical station onsite at our event.

How long will it take to finish the course?
There is no time limit on the course, but most participants finish in about 40 minutes or less.

What should I bring to the ABC Challenge?
Please bring your registration and printed and signed waiver of liability if you did not do the online registration. A change of clothes, a towel and a big smile are what you will need on race day! Bring a change of clothes and we will provide participants with a plastic bag to put your dirty clothes in. Also bring a old sheet or blanket for your car so that it doesn’t get dirty on the way home.

Do spectators have to pay?
No, spectators at the ABC Challenge are welcome for FREE!

I need registration help!
If you are experiencing registration issues, please email

What should I wear?
You will be running. You will be climbing. You will be crawling. And you will be doing it all while covered in mud. So wear comfortable clothing that you would not mind permanently staining. Athletic clothes including running shoes are a must! You might want to duct tape your shoes on so that you don’t lose them during the course. Goggles and gloves might also be useful.

Will photos be available?
All pictures that are taken at the event will be available for you online.  There will be NO charge for the pictures.

Will there be showers available after the race?
There will be shower stations onsite, so don’t forget your towel and a fresh change of clothes!


What do I get when I run?
After crossing the finish line, all runners will receive a swag bag that will have their ABC Challenge tee shirt and various other goodies provided by our sponsors. You will also receive a medal for your participation, as well as bragging rights for accepting and finishing the challenge!

Will the race still happen if it is raining?
This race will run regardless of the weather. More rain simply means more mud!

However, in the case of extreme weather events, the race may be cancelled, postponed, or rescheduled, especially if the obstacles become unsafe for runners (see Inclement Weather Policy).

What happens on the day of the race?
When you arrive at the ABC Challenge, you will first go to the registration building, where you will receive your race wristband. Once you’ve checked-in, hang around and participate in our activities or look at our merchandise tent while waiting for your start time to be called. After you run the course, you will receive a medal for your hard work.

I left something at the run – where can I find my lost items?

Please contact us by email at

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