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Welcome to the 2023 edition of the
ABC Challenge

A perfect day weatherwise led to a wonderful event for all who participated in the Challenge this year.

A big thank you to Carly and Jessica Krzyzanski for taking individual pictures  of all our participants with their medals.  They  are free for  download. Enjoy!!

A special thank you to Don Reid for sharing pictures that he took at the ABC Challenge!

All participants of the ABC Challenge are automatically registered to win a bicycle graciously donated by Gib and Jess Turner of 
the Cykel Shop in

Congratulations to Brooklyn Case,
who is this year's raffle winner,  with her new bike!

Brooklyn Case - Raffle Prize winner.jpg

Pictured: Gib and Jess Turner,  Brooklyn,
and Sarah Davis, Coldwater High School's Interact Advisor.
The Interact Club puts on the ABC Challenge annually. 


"I wanted to share with you the picture that our four year old, Bethannie, drew after the ABC Challenge. You guys did an amazing job and they had so much fun.  She even went through it twice! In this picture you'll see her with water droplets on her face, mud on her clothes and hands and her black tennis shoes she ran in.  In the upper right corner she copied the letters off the sticker she got in her swag bag and in yellow it says "ABC Challenge".  Thanks for a wonderful family experience!"

Kristen Niedzwiecki

Bethannie Niedzwiecki - 4 1_2. 2019 (1).

What is the ABC Challenge?

The Awesome Branch County Challenge is a fun event for school aged children (4 - 18), and adults . Our course will be "muddier" and longer (over 1 1/2 miles) with over 30 fun and challenging obstacles. At the ABC Challenge, kids and adults get to put their problem solving skills to the test by climbing over bales of hay, army crawling through mud, traversing up and over a wall of tires, navigating over clay covered moguls, and sliding down a hill into an epic mud pit to cap off the adventure! A fun filled day, ending with a priceless sense of accomplishment, is planned for both young and old alike. We hope you will join in the festivities!

About us and our event

The Awesome Branch County Challenge was made possible by a very generous donation to the Coldwater High School Interact Club by the Branch County Women Who Care. The Women Who Care is an alliance of busy women who want to make a difference and they do this by pooling their resources and providing a substantial payout to organizations that they choose to recognize. Coldwater High School's Interact Club was chosen to receive their gift and Interact, a Rotary sponsored high school service club, used the money to create the ABC Challenge. The Interact Club was formed in 1991 and has been involved with many school and community projects over the years.


We hope that you enjoy the ABC Challenge as we intend to have this event become a major part of our community and area for many years to come.

For 2022, over $3,500 was donated back to various schools, school districts and community organizations that benefit young people in our communities. 

A new addition to the ABC Challenge family is POTOCKI Orthodontics who will be a Challenge Sponsor for 2023.We are also pleased to announce that the Children's Museum of Branch County will become a partner helping to promote our event as well.


Thank you for participating in our event. We hope you enjoy!

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